About hummel

Once upon a rainy afternoon in the year 1923, a young shoemaker by the name of Albert Messmer was watching a football match in his hometown of Eppendorf. While he was watching the players finding it hard to gain their ground on the muddy pitch, he suddenly had a good idea. He went home to his workshop, worked all night and the next morning he came out with his first sports product - a football boot with cleats.

Subsequently, Albert partnered up with his brother Michael to create a company called 'hummel'. The German brothers took their inspiration from 'hummel', the German word for bumblebee. A bumblebee is not supposed to be able to fly due to the way it is built, hence it defies the laws of gravity. When wearing Messmer's boots the football players were suddenly able to do nature-defying moves and tricks as well and therefore 'hummel' came naturally when they had to name their company back in 1923.

The football boot was the starting point for hummel - a company that later grew to become big and strong and today, more 85 years later, is doing better than ever before.


It is our passion to design, source and market sports and sports fashion products carrying the unique hummel heritage. We target teams and people with character. Our business grows thanks to our market responsiveness, close supply chain partnerships, unique expressive designs and storytelling concept.


Head Office

hummel International A/S
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